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Nuclear Nonproliferation in the Middle East

The idea of a rapid proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East is just the latest manifestation of an earlier domino theory, Cold War visual imagery of red paint oozing over the globe.

The Azerbaijan Dilemma

Faced with a troubled region, high-maintenance allies and an increasingly opaque government, Baku sees trouble ahead.

The Arab Spring in American Thought and Strategy

In the Middle East, Washington must look beyond the ostensibly pressing situations of the moment.

The Increasingly Transparent U.S.-Israeli Conflict of Interest

It is not in a superpower's interest to get sucked into projects of someone with a King David complex.

Give Talks with Iran a Chance

Diplomacy is the best means of containing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Unfortunately, it's unpopular with those who see war as the answer to most international problems.

Flawed Accountability in American Democracy

How flaws in the U.S. system lead to deep deficiencies in Washington.

Iran Sanctions Leakage

Proponents of sanctions are too optimistic. Economic pressure will not cause Iran to give up its nuclear program.

Maliki's Dangerous Tightrope Act

As the Arab League comes to Baghdad, Maliki attempts to strike a difficult balance between regional power players.

Syria: A Strategic Non-Intervention

The quickest, least bloody path to a stable, unitary Syria may be for America to stay out. If Uncle Sam goes in, all bets are off.

The Three Amigos and the Misuse of History

The misguided bellicosity of senators Graham, Lieberman and McCain.

Israel's Gift to Iran

Why the mullahs might welcome an Israeli attack on Iranian soil.

Advantages of a Syrian War

The costs of a Syrian intervention are undoubtedly high. But the benefits may be surprisingly great.

Americans Don't Want a War

They are being swayed by mindless alarmism, not sober considerations of what a nuclear Iran would mean—which makes their expressed aversion to a war all the more telling. 

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April 17, 2014