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A Singular Empire

In his excellent study of the Roman Empire, Greg Woolf provides sharp insights while wisely avoiding simplistic comparisons, instead mixing a broad perspective with telling details to provide a fascinating picture of the empire par excellence.

Europe's Problem Is the Euro

Why Germany deserves some of the blame for Europe's economic crisis.

Technocracy and Political Cop-Outs

Is government by experts preferable to government by politicians?

Is Italy the Next To Fall?

Italy’s problems go beyond a single man or the immediate financial crisis. Quite simply, the government cannot govern.

Greece's Default Dilemma

Why an Argentine-style default could destroy Greece.

Goodbye, Greece—and Goodbye, Europe?

European unity is starting to look like a poisoned chalice

Somewhere, beyond the Sea

From Carthage to Bosnia, Persia to Palestine, tales of warfare and hubris, excess and murder line the Mediterranean. David Abulafia proffers up a sweeping narrative steeped in culture, commerce and the struggle for dominance on the Great Sea.

ETA Gives Up Terrorism

The Basque separatist group has renounced terrorist operations. This is as close to a victory as counterterrorism gets.

When Allies Quarrel, America Gets a Headache

Turkey is America's NATO partner. Israel is its favorite ally. Which will the U.S. choose to protect?

Greece Rises Again

The news from Athens gets worse and worse. It's time to treat the disease, not just the symptoms.

Greece Sides with Israel

As Israeli-Turkish relations settle into a deep freeze, Athens cozies up to Jerusalem.

Europe's Embattled Youth

The EU has hit a rough patch. Only Germany can save it.

Syria's House of Borgia

Nepotism. Brutality. Treachery. The Assads would be right at home in the world of the infamous Italian ruling family.

On My Way to the Colosseum...

R. J. B. Bosworth’s most recent tome navigates the changing politics and identity of Rome, from papal preserve to Fascist enclave to republican capital, deftly illustrating that the Eternal City is forever a work in progress.

The End of Socialist Greece

As Greece falls, so too does the dream of a Europe that could stand toe to toe with America.

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April 20, 2014