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Turkey and America: 1957 All Over Again?

Erdogan and Obama's differences over Syria feel like a replay of Eisenhower and Menderes.

Al Qaeda Reorganizes Itself for Syria

It may be returning to its deadlier, more centralized pre-9/11 structure.

Speculative Mischief and Flight 370

Sometimes rumors end up having public-policy consequences.

Syria, Iraq, Lebanon: The New AfPak

Three countries. One conflict.

America's Syria Policy Mishmash

Why Russia succeeds and we fail.

Unsolvable Syria

It is easy to confuse possibility with responsibility, and policy with inescapable reality.

Syria: The Wages of Inaction

It's far more than a humanitarian concern.

Give Strategy a Chance in Syria

A broader perspective is necessary for peace to have a chance.

America Is Winning the Syrian Civil War

We should try to stop it as soon as possible. But we shouldn't pretend this has been anything but a disaster for our enemies.

Iran and the Stumble Toward Geneva II

The Syria peace talks are on a path to failure, by way of embarrassment.

Will America End Syria's Humanitarian Nightmare?

"If more Syrians are to be saved, we will have to again consider using force to insure the delivery of goods."

The Twilight of Sykes-Picot

A Levant torn asunder.

Reach Out to Syria's Islamic Front

The United States' last best hope of containing Al Qaeda in Syria isn't pretty.

Ruffled Relations with Turkey

How America should handle recent rough patches.

The Wise Non-Attack on Syria

Present events continue to demonstrate why staying out was the right move.

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April 20, 2014