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America's Syria Folly

The Syrian civil war is clearly a tragedy. Yet, America should draw only one red line: against involvement.

Syria and the Albright Syndrome

What do we hope to accomplish?

The Smart Way to Bomb Syria

If we're going to do this, we should do it right.

High Time for an Obama Syria Strategy

Without a grand vision for America's role in the Middle East, the anti-Assad intervention will only suck us in deeper.

Don't Attack Syria

The administration should exercise restraint toward Assad.

Warped Motives on Syria

A war of good feelings and domestic expedience.

R2P: More Harm Than Good?

There are better reasons to go to war in Syria, including under international law.

The Real Syria Problem

Listening to those who cry "do something!" could be a tragic mistake.

Syria Intervention: Anticipating Russia's Response

Direct opposition (outside the Security Council) will be minimal. But indirect replies could be unpleasant for America.

Syria: The Smart Way for America to Get Involved

Lincoln Bloomfield sits down to talk about his plan for a broad, whole-of-government approach.

Another Syria Chemical Attack

How credible are the reports, and what would an attack say about the regime?

Syria's Kurds Take the Offensive

Attacks on the rebels highlight the Syrian civil war's incredible geopolitical complexity.

A Plan for Syria

The United States must think outside the box.

Should Syria Decentralize?

A more federal system of governance could help the state's many regions and peoples live under one roof.

A Terrorist Haven in Syria?

Examining the assumptions behind a common worry.

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April 17, 2014