North Korea

A Nuclear North Korea vs. a Strategically Patient U.S.: Who Wins?

"The security of all of Northeast Asia is in peril."

How to Deal with North Korea

Policies for a perennial problem-state.

Asia Is in America's DNA

Failing to play a dominant role in the Far East wouldn't just be foolish. It would change who we are.

Draw a Big Red Line in Asia

Tell China exactly where we stand.

What North Korea Says About the Iran Talks

Insights from successful and failed nuclear deals.

The Complex Calculus of a North Korean Collapse

"America should reject any direct military role. In no case should the US be involved in occupying and pacifying the North."

North Korea: Expect the Unexpected

Why 2014 could be a rough year in Northeast Asia.

Dennis the Menace: Rodman Visits North Korea

Could Rodman persuade his new buddy to ease tensions with America?

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April 24, 2014