Defending Japan and the Philippines Is Not Entrapment

The United States has a strong interest in standing with its allies against Chinese expansionism.

Rusty "Cauldron"

A new book on the South China Sea struggle misses the mark.

Reassuring Jittery Asian Allies

Keeping America credible and friends in line in the Far East.

Appeasing China

Beijing is taking advantage of Washington's efforts to defuse tensions in the South China Sea. It's been slicing this salami for years.

Countering China in the South China Sea

Beijing is trying to divide its neighbors. They need to resist.

Getting Tough in the South China Sea

Washington is taking a firmer line with Beijing. But can it back it up?

Time for Tough Love in East Asia

America must push its allies closer together and break down the old "hub and spokes" system.

Draw a Big Red Line in Asia

Tell China exactly where we stand.

Typhoon Haiyan, Japan and the New Asia

Both Tokyo and Washington are advancing their regional agendas as they aid the Philippines.

Learning the Lessons of Scarborough Reef

The crisis tells us a lot about China's intentions—and about what America still needs to do to handle Asia right.

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April 20, 2014