Colombia: A Forgotten Front in the War on Drugs Heats Up

One might begin to get the impression that this is all futile.

The Drug War's Colombia Model

Exporting a failed strategy to Mexico won't work.

The Counterinsurgency Laboratory in Colombia

What we can learn from the government's nearly fifty-year battle against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

A New Approach to the Drug War

A novel model offers hope for communities battling narcos and militants.

More Drug-War Failures in Latin America

After more than four decades and myriad failures, it's time to declare America's war on drugs a policy fiasco.

Mexico's Unwinnable War

The cartels flourish as Washington's best efforts fail the Mexican people yet again.

National Journal’s Unbelievable JSOC Story

Part superhero. Part spy. Part knight in shining armor. Talk about too good to be true.

Colombians in Kabul

What lessons does Colombia's successful counterinsurgency campaign hold for the Obama administration's Afghanistan policy?

A Disaster of a Presidency

Is Barack Obama the next James Buchanan?

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April 24, 2014