Central Asia

Afghanistan's Murky Choice

The first round of voting in the presidential election is over, but the outcome is far from decided.

Afghanistan Needs an Army Corps of Engineers

Before we leave, we should leave behind the technological means necessary for Afghanistan to thrive.

Turkey: Return of the Generals

Erdogan is shifting from the Gulenists to the military.

Turkey and America: 1957 All Over Again?

Erdogan and Obama's differences over Syria feel like a replay of Eisenhower and Menderes.

Afghanistan Votes

The election vindicates the large investments and sacrifices of the United States and its allies.

Turkey: Atop a Powder Keg?

Elections have done nothing to resolve the country's deepening political and ethnic divisions.

Afghanistan Is No Vietnam

The wars are equally unpopular on paper, but not in practice.

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April 21, 2014