South Caucasus

Time for a NATO Non-Enlargement Pledge

The alliance must take a more sophisticated approach to its relations with Russia.

Rice and the Toughness Fallacy

Will more U.S. obduracy and military spending always make others cower?

Afghanistan After America: Ripples in Russia and the Caucasus

The Afghan campaign has become a key feature in Caucasian relations with the West. Its end may have significant effects.

Georgia After the Titans

With Saakashvili and Ivanishvili leaving the stage, where will the Caucasian republic go?

Contrast in the Caucasus

Armenia and Azerbaijan have taken very different paths. So why does Washington lump them together?

The Caucasus and Russia's Syria Policy

Those who ignore Russia's internal worries won't understand its Syria policy—or spot a common ground.

No, NATO Shouldn't Let Georgia In

Should Washington extend a military guarantee that might require going to war against a nuclear-armed power over issues of minimal interest to America?

Putin Drops In, America Drops Out

Russia is getting closer to Azerbaijan, and the United States is doing nothing.

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April 19, 2014