Respect for Russia

With U.S.-Russian relations under the microscope, how Washington and Moscow perceive each other will be crucial in building a constructive relationship. But does the Kremlin have Washington’s respect?

Broken Promises

The recent effort by the Bush Administration to better explain U.S. policies in Eastern Europe will have no impact unless Washington is prepared to listen to Russian concerns and act accordingly.

In Serious Trouble

Speaking at The Nixon Center, Dimitri K. Simes discussed the precarious status quo of the U.S.-Russia relationship. The two countries can work together on important issues like nuclear proliferation and terrorism. But it will not be easy.

The Saudi Arabia of Gas

In its recent dealings with Hungary, Russia has continued to exploit divergent energy strategies among EU countries as its energy dominance encircles Europe. 

Moscow, We Have a Problem

If the end result in 2008 is for Russia to be more prosperous but to have simply traded one group of “the powerful” who are unaccountable and operate above the law for another, that may not be the legacy Putin is looking to leave behind.

Don't Lose Russia

A former U.S. senator offers tough-love advice on Russia to the Democrats.

Gary Hart