Tashkent is Not Madrid

The recent bombings and street fighting in Uzbekistan do not constitute another Al-Qaeda led operation to attack a foreign government that provides military support for the U.

The Dating Game

American is playing matchmaker to Turkey and the EU. It had better work. A broken engagement could mean a clash of civilizations.

Zeyno Baran

A Champion for the Bourgeoisie

A fictional 19th-century detective disdains Russia's intelligentsia and preaches a bourgeois sermon on virtue and responsible citizenship to Russia's nascent middle class.

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Sixty years after Kennan, Russia still baffles. But Putin's managed pluralism has deep roots in Russian opinion.

Nikolas K. Gvosdev

Therapy's End

NATO died with the Soviet Union. Get over it.

E. Wayne Merry

Hegemonic Quicksand

Global domination is a self-defeating goal. Global leadership is not.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Sick Man of Asia

Russia's reversal of fortunes in its resource-rich Far East will complicate the Asian equation for the United States.

Rajan Menon