Will Italy Accept Renzi's Reforms?

The new Italian prime minister looks like a smart tactician. Is that enough?

The End of Berlusconi?

Italy's clownish comeback king might be finally finished.

Lampedusa: A Tragedy of Good Intentions

How Europe's loose immigration policies encourage death at sea.

Italy Awakens Europe's Troubles

The divided vote increases the risk of broader financial problems.

Berlusconi's Dangerous Defense of Mussolini on Holocaust Remembrance Day

The remarks show some Italians' lingering attachment to neo-fascist sentiments, and their urge to polish history.

Italy's Election and Europe's Fate

If the wrong parties win in February, default could spread across the continent.

U.S. Tactics Threaten NATO

Washington's European allies are increasingly unable to participate in U.S. counterterrorism operations.

What If Greece Leaves the Euro?

Expelling Greece from the euro zone will do more political harm than economic good.

Euro Zone on the Brink

Europe's leaders meet again in Brussels this week. They can't afford to ignore the hard choices facing the Continent.

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April 19, 2014