Toward an English-Speaking Union

The idea of a European Union is artificial and unconvincing. A more natural association would be one between like-minded peoples who share a common language and heritage.

Robert Conquest

For the Record

As we contemplate the results of victory in Kosovo, it is time to sort fact from fiction concerning American intervention.

Christopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz

To Sing a Different Song

As the easternmost members of "the West", the Baltic states consider their options for the future.

James Kurth

Ceausescu's Legacy

The Balkan problem the West forgot: Ceausescu's shadow and the dilemma of modern Romania.

Tom Gallagher

Tocqueville and the Odd Couple

Franco-German relations over the last century and a half have been characterized by a complex pattern of attraction and repulsion that is crucial to an understanding of the new Europe.

Max Beloff