Sarko's Folly

Nicolas Sarkozy and other European leaders are trying desperately to coerce voters toward a united Europe. Will their scheme work?

Nobel Peace Prize for War

On his blog Subjective Evaluation, Dimitri K. Simes notes that Martti Ahtisaari, latest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, hardly deserves it. As an architect of Kosovo’s independence, he helped cause a war.

Xenophobia on the Continent

Anti-Semitism is on the march in Europe. But the European’s new turn toward isolationism goes even further than that.

Andrew KohutRichard Wike

NATO's Drug Problem

NATO's new war on drugs in Afghanistan will put troops in greater danger for a venture that may not even work. It just might be the straw that breaks the alliance's back.

Energy Without Politics

The solution to Europe’s energy woes isn’t political unification against a Russian threat. Europeans should keep politics out of energy and let markets do their jobs.

No Dog in This Fight

Washington should learn from Ukraine's internal political turmoil that it should stop trying to pick sides in unpredictable political systems.