German Fictions

An exchange on Jacob Heilbrunn's recent portrait of Germany's new literary Right.

Jan-Werner MuellerJames DavisStefan SullivanJacob Heilbrunn

Two Plus Four

Ten years after the event, a key architect of America's response to German reunification looks back--and draws lessons for the present.

Robert B. Zoellick

The French Position

The French, believe it or not, have their reasons for being so quarrelsome with the United States.

Philip H. Gordon

A Letter from Wales

The economy is fine, but everything else in Britain is falling apart--and the English still can't understand the Welsh.

Owen Harries

Living With a New Europe

The challenge posed to the United States by the European Union is seriously exaggerated--and this is particularly true of the proposal for an all-European defense force. Daniel Vermet, Christoph Bertram and Timothy Garton Ash respond.

Zbigniew BrzezinskiDaniel VernetChristoph BertramTimothy Garton Ash