Realpolitik Resurgent?

America’s heart tells it to defend small Eastern European states at all costs, but policy makers would come to a different conclusion if they used their heads.

Moscow's Oil Weapon

Many are saying Russia’s new energy wealth will enable it to wreak havoc in Europe and challenge America’s position. At a Nixon Center event, a panel separated fact from fiction.

Kosovo-The Day After

Kosovo has declared its independence, with approval from the West—much to the chagrin of Russia, Serbia and China. Has an unprecedented precedent been set?

Serbia Votes

Serbia’s future doesn’t lie in blind allegiances to the “Eastern” or “Western” camps. Instead, it must chart an independent, democratic path between Russia and Europe.

Calamity over Kosovo?

At a Council on Foreign Relations event on Friday, Daniel Serwer, Charles Kupchan, Janusz Bugajski and Dimitri Simes discussed the ongoing international standoff over Kosovo. Should Washington support independence?

Kosovo Watch

What should be done about Kosovo? What options do the United States and the other key players have? TNI editor Nick Gvosdev gives his take on the controversy.