Questions on Kosovo

When it comes to Kosovo, supporters of its indenpendence have some tough questions to answer. We need no repeats of the run-up to the Iraq War, with its rosy predictions.

Mid-Life Crisis?

The OSCE is not a relic of the Cold War. Instead, it may be the only body that can tackle problems across Eurasia.

Marc Perrin de Brichambaut

Blair, and Britain, Slips off the Leash

The end of Blair-Bush bonhomie signifies much more than a shift in current geopolitics. The variance between the two world leaders suggests diverging paths of American and Britain of unknowable duration.

Growing up is Hard to do

Germany under Angela Merkel is emerging as a leading European power on the international stage, but when it comes to an interest-driven foreign policy, Berlin must learn to walk before it begins to run.