Turkey and America: 1957 All Over Again?

Erdogan and Obama's differences over Syria feel like a replay of Eisenhower and Menderes.

Al Qaeda Reorganizes Itself for Syria

It may be returning to its deadlier, more centralized pre-9/11 structure.

Speculative Mischief and Flight 370

Sometimes rumors end up having public-policy consequences.

America's Syria Policy Mishmash

Why Russia succeeds and we fail.

Syria, Iraq, Lebanon: The New AfPak

Three countries. One conflict.

Unsolvable Syria

It is easy to confuse possibility with responsibility, and policy with inescapable reality.

Syria: The Wages of Inaction

It's far more than a humanitarian concern.

Give Strategy a Chance in Syria

A broader perspective is necessary for peace to have a chance.

America Is Winning the Syrian Civil War

We should try to stop it as soon as possible. But we shouldn't pretend this has been anything but a disaster for our enemies.

Iran and the Stumble Toward Geneva II

The Syria peace talks are on a path to failure, by way of embarrassment.

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April 20, 2014