NATO's West Bank Nightmare

While everyone’s daydreaming about the next presidential election, seems some are misbehaving at the margins. The administration’s visions of NATO troops in the West Bank are alarming.

Making Inroads with India

The United States and India are growing closer. James Clad, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia, shed some light on the Washington-Delhi relationship on Friday.

Taking Stock of Barack

Do Obama's past foreign-policy positions—and the way he talks about them now—reveal anything about how he would conduct affairs of state if elected?

Transparently Corrupt

The most transparent thing about the Palestinian Authority is its wastefulness. If the international community is serious about jump-starting the peace process, it can start by holding the PA accoutable.

Of Bombers and Alliances

All the talk about the Russian bombers that were face to face with a U.S. aircraft carrier on February 9 centers around the Washington-Moscow relationship. But what does the incident mean for Japan?

Afghan Justice

The international community is up in arms about Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh, a young Afghan journalism student who has been condemned to death for blaspheming Islam. But what many don’t realize is that cases like his are all too common.