The Africa Command Rises-Finally

The rise of an African Command will tame dizzying dysfunction in America’s military organization and will “prevent problems from becoming crises and crises from becoming catastrophes.”

Ahead of the Curve: Countdown for Kosovo

United Nations special envoy Marrtti Ahtisaari introduced his plan for Kosovo to Serbian and Kosovar leaders over the weekend. In the Spring 2006 issue of The National Interest Tim Potier addressed how Washington should approach the delic

Tim Potier

Taming Tehran?

By working with Iran in Iraq, Washington could better orient the direction of Iranian ascendancy and affect that long-sought paradigm shift in the Middle East.  

Ahead of the Curve: The TNI Archives

Six-party talks over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program are set to resume this Thursday on the heels of failed talks in December and Kim Jong-il’s provocative nuclear test in October. TNI takes a look back at other crucial junctures in A

Serbia Votes Westward

A political narrative proved its ascendancy in Serbia’s election last week, reflecting widespread support for European integration and identity. But a series of potentially seismic developments threatens that support.