Why No Middle Eastern Metternichs?

An inclusive and legitimate regional security agreement could be the answer to the Middle East's most serious problem: an instable order.

How Susan Rice Bungled Sudan

The new national-security adviser has a long history of poor judgment in east Africa.

Congo the Colossal Cripple

Maybe the DRC is just too big.

Erdogan's Hypocrisy on Sudan

The Turkish prime minister should be as worried about Bashir as he is about Bashar.

Israel's Peripheral Pact

Unnerved by the Arab Spring and estranged from Turkey, Netanyahu sets his sights on the likes of Greece, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

Skepticism Needed About “Freedom Fighters”

The anti-Soviet mujahideen. Jonas Savimbi. The Nicaraguan Contras. Kony's LRA. America's opinion leaders must be more careful about whose politics they endorse.

The Fallout from Kony 2012

Did the Kony 2012 documentary do more harm than good?

China in the Persian Gulf

U.S. pressure on Iran is backfiring. China is making sure of it.

Carlos and the Fungibility of Radical Ideology

Be it radical Marxism or radical Islamism, ideology only takes one so far. There's more to understanding what makes terrorists tick.

Interventionist Addiction: U.S. Troops in Central Africa

American blood and treasure pay for Washington's humanitarian-intervention addiction.

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April 16, 2014