United Arab Emirates

Missile Defense: A Way Forward in the Gulf

America has long wanted its Persian Gulf allies to work together. Now that they're mad at us, it's happening.

Brandishing the American Sword in the Gulf

The tough task of reassuring Persian Gulf allies as Iran advances.

The Gulf's Achilles Heel

Obama urgently needs to push the Saudis to support serious reform in Bahrain.

America in the Gulf: Evolving, Not Leaving

Not weakness, but a changing threat environment.

For America's Gulf Allies, Anxiety Is Not a Plan

Clearer communication—and better coordination—could assuage GCC worries.

Why No Middle Eastern Metternichs?

An inclusive and legitimate regional security agreement could be the answer to the Middle East's most serious problem: an instable order.

Talk to the Gulf About Leadership

Washington needs to do more to push its allies toward sustainable stability.

GCC Expansion at a Time of Arab Turmoil

Why the United States should recognize and encourage expansion of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Lobbying through the Silver Screen

Why oil-rich Middle Eastern nations are funding Hollywood films.

Saudi Arabia's More Perfect Union

The house of Saud is meeting resistance as it pushes other gulf monarchies toward a closer union.

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April 24, 2014