Middle East

Does Iraq Matter?

Realists, neocons, and liberals all agree that American failure in Iraq would be a catastrophe beyond Iraq. Really? How exactly?

Morton Abramowitz

Uncle Sam in the Arab Street

If America promotes democracy in the Middle East, it must be prepared for some very unpleasant consequences.

Ray Takeyh

The Blogs of War

Governments used to do war and diplomacy, media used to report them. But in the Iraq War, freelance writers with laptops critiqued, corrected and cowed them both.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Confronting Hamas

Terrorist groups make poor peace partners.  Is Hamas any exception?

Steven N. SimonJonathan Stevenson

Hegemonic Quicksand

Global domination is a self-defeating goal. Global leadership is not.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Theological Iron Curtain

If the United States does not dramatically reorient its diplomacy to promote development and human rights in the Muslim world, it will forsake its own national security interests.

Joseph Lieberman

Iranian Options

Neither containment nor regime change are optimal policies to pursue vis-à-vis Iran. The time is right for the United States to cut a deal.

Ray Takeyh

Taking Stock

To succeed, the roadmap to peace will need many things, not least of which is Israeli and Palestinian participation in it.

Dennis Ross