Middle East

Strengthening the Fainthearts

Washington loves to panic over impending snowstorms, ongoing heat waves, the Redskins' playoff chances, and policy implications.

John Hillen

Rescuing the Future

AMERICA'S Iraqi experience since the end of its brilliant military campaign has been an object lesson in what not to do.

Hussain Hindawi

Gauging the Aftermath

SINCE WE last wrote for The National Interest--in the Winter 2003/04 issue ("

Michael O'HanlonAdriana Lin de Albuquerque

Transferring Sovereignty

Since November of last year the United States has been committed to transferring sovereignty to the Iraqis after June 30, 2004.

James Schlesinger

Auditing Arrogance

Three months before the start of the American operation in Iraq I visited the United States, where I met with Vice President Dick Cheney and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

Yevgeny Primakov

The Neoconservative Moment

Charles Krauthammer's "democratic globalism" fails as a guiding principle of foreign policy and creates more questions than answers.

Francis Fukuyama

Retreating in Good Order

The United States should begin a strategic withdrawal from Iraq now because it was never in the interest of the United States to invade that country in the first place.

William E. Odom