Middle East

Fatah Resurrected

Abbas sits atop a newly invigorated Palestinian Authority; the West Bank is completely secure. They want peace but will adopt a one-state solution if Netanyahu turns his back on Palestinian progress. Israel must act now.

Khalil Shikaki

Striking Iran

A former top weapons inspector says Iran is a nuclear-weapons capable state. A military threat must be real.

Obstinate Mullahs

We can’t persuade Iran to stop its nuclear-weapons program. The best Obama can do is hasten the regime’s internal implosion.

Don't Speak

Talking with Iran will give the mullahs legitimacy and betray the Iranian people—and it won’t stop Tehran’s nuclear program either.

Another Roadmap

By encouraging equal diplomacy with both Israel and the Arab states, President Obama’s new peace plan is remarkably similar to Bush’s—George H.W. Bush’s, that is.