Middle East

Sanction Iran

Obama can act unilaterally. If he does this well, the regime might collapse in less than a year. What is he waiting for?

Challenging Israel

Israel shouldn’t be allowed to dictate American foreign policy. If it doesn’t concede on the settlements, Washington should revoke diplomatic support and restrict military aid.

Good News

The Iraqi election was a success. If it can maintain its strong democracy, Baghdad will become a powerful regional player and bolster American interests in the region.

In the Tunnels of Natanz

The leader of the search for WMD in Iraq says weapons inspections will not stop Iran from going nuclear. The West doesn’t have the capacity or unity to make an effective inspection regime happen.

David Kay

No Change in Iran

Tehran still has no interest in a “grand bargain” with America. Obama must keep a united front with Europe and strengthen the military capabilities of our Arab allies.

The Revolution Will Be Mercantilized

Iran is degenerating into a security state, with the Revolutionary Guard Corps at the helm. The fight for supremacy among the hard-line elite can only lead to a crisis within the Iranian state.

Ali Ansari