Middle East

McCain's Folly

Democrats are unfairly taking John McCain’s now-infamous “one hundred years” in Iraq statement out of context. But that doesn’t mean that what the senator intended to say actually made sense.

The Friend of My Enemy

The road to a solution for America’s Iran problem runs through Moscow. How to think about the costs—and benefits.

Thomas E. Graham

Jacob's Jottings: Blog Wars

As Republicans fall into line behind presumptive nominee John McCain on foreign policy, Democrats continue to cut each other down. The setting for this epic battle? The blogosphere.

Persian Pitfalls

A poll has revealed that most Iranians want closer ties with the United States, more democracy—and nuclear weapons. Why Washington should tread carefully in its dealings with the Islamic Republic.

Patient Stabilized?

Iraq may be emerging from intensive care, but it could use a bit more stitching up.

Stephen Biddle