Middle East

Tithing at the Crude Altar

Let the market rule. As oil sources from the Western Hemisphere begin to dry up, we will increasingly turn to dictatorships for our supplies. But we shouldn't shackle ourselves to nefarious governments.

Michael T. Klare

The Un-Islamic Republic

The time for restraint in the Iranian election dispute has passed. America must throw its rhetorical weight behind the demonstrators and push for harsh sanctions to undermine the clerical regime.

Carrots and Sticks

Israel would lose a lot in a peace deal with Palestine. If Obama really wants a new settlement, he needs to reward the Israelis for cooperating—and punish them if they don’t.

Sanctioning Tehran

Regardless of what happens in Iran, Obama needs to rethink his approach to the country. A joint sanctions regime with the EU would squeeze the mullahs and force them to consider reform.

The Bully Wins

Ahmadinejad’s “victory” in Iran has caused internal disorder—and could poison the Obama administration’s efforts at engagement.

Obama's Israel Gamble

The president’s Cairo speech made nice soundings on Arab-Israeli peace. But if Obama really wants to accomplish something, he needs to get tough on Israeli settlements.

Obama's Speech

The president’s Cairo address confirmed his skill as an orator and encouraged Arabs and Israelis to work toward peace. But the realities of the AfPak conflict will probably ring truer in Muslim ears than Obama’s dulcet tones.