Middle East

The View from Tehran and Russia

Comments from Javad Zarif, Iranian ambassador to the UN, and Dmitry Peskov, first deputy press secretary to President Putin.

The National Interest

Biden on Congress, Iraq and Iran

In an interview, Senator Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, points to the potential for future Congressional action on Iraq and outlined a strategy for getting Iran to support a federal, stable Iraq.

State of the Union: in Decline

General William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, gives his perspective of Bush’s State of the Union address and the president’s plan for Iraq and the Middle East.

Bush's State of Delusion Address

The president added flourish last night on his central strategy for Iraq, but this central reality holds true: Iraqi forces are “standing up”, but they are fighting for militias—and against our troops.

The Costs of Iraq

The costs of the Iraq War cannot be measured purely qunatitatively. It has damaged American prestige and limited U.S. effectiveness in dealing with other key foreign policy issues.