Middle East

The Long Road to Damascus

As the November 26 Middle East conference draws near, some are suggesting that a deal with Syria will lead to significant progress in the region. But Damascus may not be willing or able to help.

The Taming of the Hawks

Is war with Iran in America’s best interests? On Thursday, four panelists at an event sponsored by the Nixon Center and the American Conservative Defense Alliance argued for a different stance toward Tehran.

Plan Z for Iraq

A community-based security approach for the land of the two rivers.

Amitai Etzioni

Iraqi Kurdistan-A New Warzone?

Tensions along the Turkish-Kurdish border are escalating as PKK militants and the Turkish military clash. There could be serious consequences for Baghdad, Ankara and Washington.

The Oil Crisis of 2012?

How does the geopolitical situation in the Middle East affect world oil markets? Yesterday at the The Nixon Center, three industry experts shared their thoughts on the subject.