Northern Ireland

Learning to Appreciate France

The United States can’t bring the democratic nations of the world together—why should we expect it to lead the way for everyone else?

Paul J. Saunders

Walking with the Devil

The United States must avoid getting trapped in its commitments with unstable regimes, and Iraq is the prime example.

Hilton L. Root

A View to a Coup?

Advocates of toppling the mullahs in Iran need a stiff dose of reality.

Ted Galen CarpenterJessica Ashooh

New Year, Old Story on Iran

A year after their assessment of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the authors look back. There are still no good options for dealing with Iran.

W. Patrick LangLarry C. Johnson

The View from Tehran and Russia

Comments from Javad Zarif, Iranian ambassador to the UN, and Dmitry Peskov, first deputy press secretary to President Putin.

The National Interest