United States of America

A New Axis: The Emerging Turkish-Israeli Entente

The Turkish-Israeli partnership offers many advantages to the United States. Most ambitiously, it could provide the nucleus of an American-oriented regional partnership made up of democratic allies--as opposed to the authoritarian rulers.

Daniel Pipes

Doing Well by Doing Good

Americans have never stopped asking themselves what sets them apart from the rest. Rightly so. America was different in its formative years, and it's different now.

Stalin, An Incompetent Realist

Marxists are not alone in stressing that the wellsprings of a state's foreign policy almost always come from its domestic social, economic, and political systems, a perspective that has been reinforced by the recent arguments.

Being Blunt

The book is a novel, one of several by Mr. Banville, and yet as Knopf's classification suggests (and as it seems, in keeping with the literary rage these days), it is not to be taken as a novel only.

Not-So-Innocents Abroad

Gilles Kepel's internationally respected expertise in Islamic matters simply does not extend to their infusion within Western politics and society.

Fragmentation and Hubris: A Shaky Basis for American Leadership

As the century draws toward its close, America's position as the leading, if not the dominant, world power appears to be unchallengeable. Yet its preeminence, and certainly its ability to lead, are being undermined by internal weaknesses rather di

James Schlesinger

Yeltsin: the Problem, Not the Solution

Too much of Western energy, resources, and political capital has been sunk into schemes whose primary goal is propping up Yeltsin's regime, while not listening to what Russians themselves want and need.

Peter Rutland