Al-Qaeda Commentary

Blame Game at the CIA

The finger-pointing should extend far beyond those mentioned in the recently released inspector general's report on the CIA's pre-9/11 intelligence failures.

Bishkek Summit

Is a new anti-American alliance taking shape? TNI editor Nikolas K. Gvosdev gives China’s perspective while

SCO Gaining Importance

Are the growing ties between Russia and China confirmation of  A World Without the West ?

A Conversation Continued: Interventionism Is Dead

In response to Ivo Daalder and Robert Kagan’s recent Washington Post op-ed ,

A 'Peace Mission' Without the West?

Are the joint military exercises between Russia and China confirmation of A World Without the West? Also, further thoughts from 

Conservative Columnist: Providing Security While Peacekeepers Tarry

Security Council members who have voted unanimously to authorize peacekeepers for Darfur continue to dither while civilians suffer. It’s time for a realistic reassessment of our options.

More Surveillance, More Often

With his signature on Sunday, President Bush expanded the government's surveillance capabilities. A former CIA officer critiques the White House’s justification of the expansions.

McCain's Fantasy League

If democracies share values and strategic interests, why, up to this point, have they been unable to work more closely together?

Managing European Confederation

Without the essential political foundation, ever-closer union for Europe remains dead—and as Mary Shelley might have pointed out, attempts to raise the dead can have unpleasant consequences.

Making France a Power for the Future, Part I

TNI Exclusive: Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s next president, discusses his views on France’s role within the European Union in a conversation with The National Interest and Politique Internati

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April 23, 2014