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Ali Khamenei

Pariahs in Tehran

We shouldn't believe all we hear about the success of Obama's Iran strategy. The world needs to put a stranglehold on Tehran.

Our Imaginary Foe

Finding monsters under the bed and bogeymen in the closet. Why exaggerating the Iranian threat is bad for U.S. foreign policy.

Iranian Beliefs and Realities

Painting an accurate picture of Iran requires listening to all Iranians, not just "our" Iranians

Iranian Options

Neither containment nor regime change are optimal policies to pursue vis-à-vis Iran. The time is right for the United States to cut a deal.


Rowhani the Decision Shaper

The Supreme Leader has the final say, but Iran's new president can do much to guide his choices.

Khamenei Approaches Nuclear Decision Point

Iran negotiations may soon get serious.

The Power of an Iranian President

He will be but one of many voices, but he will still be able to impact Tehran's foreign policy.


Predictable Responses to the Baghdad Talks

The West's stbborn refusal to negotiate is prompting Iran to play a nasty version of hardball.

How Commitments Work

There's reason to fear the heated rhetoric from American and Iranian leaders. But some statements give reason to hope. 

Inevitable and Unpredictable Regime Change in Iran

What an imploding Tehran means for Washington.

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April 20, 2014