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Ancient history

The Divided Map of Europe

The Continent’s many identities and fault lines stretch back into the nether centuries of European history. All have been influenced by the immutable force of geography, which also will shape Europe’s future.

China's ASEAN Invasion

As long as the United States fails to understand what motivates Southeast Asian states, its influence will continue to diminish vis-à-vis China.

Did Western Civilization Survive the 20th Century?

Taking the long view, and finding reassurance, at the end of the millenium.

China: What Engagement Should Mean

The challenge of an ascendant China now requires a consistent, steady, long-term view.


Thucydides, Scahill and Dirty History

The terror-war diatribe prizes narrative over accuracy.

Books & Reviews

A Singular Empire

In his excellent study of the Roman Empire, Greg Woolf provides sharp insights while wisely avoiding simplistic comparisons, instead mixing a broad perspective with telling details to provide a fascinating picture of the empire par excellence.

The Truth About China

Martin Jacques’s just-released tome breathlessly informs us that China will soon rule the world. Its culture will dominate the West. Its military will threaten our own. Its authoritarian system will become an alternative to liberal democracy.

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April 17, 2014