Andrew Bacevich Commentary

Get STARTed!

An arms-control treaty could trigger a new beginning in our relations with Russia—and bolster Dmitri Medvedev’s influence in Moscow.

Challenging Israel

Israel shouldn’t be allowed to dictate American foreign policy. If it doesn’t concede on the settlements, Washington should revoke diplomatic support and restrict military aid.

Give Peace a Chance

Why is the American government so quick to consider military force as a solution to every foreign-policy problem?

Courting Kiev

Ukraine’s new president isn’t anti-Western. Obama’s low-key approach toward Kiev is our best chance of keeping him that way.

Europe Doesn't Matter

The EU doesn’t have a united foreign policy and its member countries are downsizing their militaries. Why are Europeans surprised no one pays attention to them?

East of Europe

Ukraine’s election results aren’t a repudiation of the West. Kiev will still pursue the middle course it always has, courting both Europe and Russia.

The New Old World

Obama is unwise to ignore Europe—especially as a strengthened EU develops a common foreign policy.

Ukraine's Counterrevolution

The Orange Revolution failed and Kiev is getting friendly with Moscow. So what?

The New Year

Foreign policy will be the crucial political battleground of 2010—and it will make or break Obama’s presidency.

Talking to Turkey

As Erdogan visits, Obama should seek to restore confidence in Ankara’s alliance with the West.

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April 19, 2014