Andrew Bacevich Commentary

Triple Threat

Instead of squabbling over trade and deficit issues, America, Japan and China should work together by creating a trilateral forum.

A Foreign-Policy President?

Barack Obama has scuttled the GOP and seems triumphant at home. But with ominous clouds gathering abroad, foreign policy has the potential to wreck his presidency.

Ignoring Kim

North Korea loves attention. Perhaps the best way to deal with its nuclear antics is a period of benign neglect.

Young Turks

Barack Obama needs to stop lecturing Europe about Turkey’s accession to the EU. Brussels, not Washington, should decide whether or not to include Ankara.

Iran's New Imperialism

Iran is threatening smaller Gulf states like Bahrain and raising the hackles of its Arab neighbors. Are Tehran’s imperial dreams going to be a nightmare for America?

Olmert's Virtues

Although Ehud Olmert has had a tough time, his tenure has seen Israel recover much of its deterrent capability. It’s now up to Netanyahu to turn this momentum into peace.

Bashing Bashir

Although it’s easy to blame Darfur on Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, the problem will continue even if he’s gone. Instead, we need to focus our efforts on helping the refugees.

A Free Man?

Is Chas Freeman an honest patriot or a Saudi stooge? Either way, he’s become a proxy for a wider battle over our Middle East policy.

Gaza's Sisyphean Existence

America is donating money to rebuild Gaza. To make sure it isn’t wasted, we need to jumpstart the peace process.

Preview of Controversial Israel Article

The small state needs all deterrents it can obtain, but it also may have to adopt a low profile in order to survive.

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April 19, 2014