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The Last Temptation of Risk

Eichengreen explains the origins of the economic crisis.

War From Cyberspace

As Obama appoints Howard A. Schmidt to a new cybersecurity post, former cyberczar Richard Clarke shows America is the most vulnerable country in the world.

The Kremlin Begs To Differ

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. The population, however, is satisfied with the status quo...for now.

Fatah Resurrected

Abbas sits atop a newly invigorated Palestinian Authority; the West Bank is completely secure. They want peace but will adopt a one-state solution if Netanyahu turns his back on Palestinian progress. Israel must act now.

Death Cometh for the Greenback

America’s debt is ballooning. Runaway inflation threatens our creditors. Faith in the almighty dollar is wavering. Soon a global reserve, complete with its own currency, will land the final blow against the dollar. But contrary to popular opinion,

Shades of Abu Ghraib

The grisly subject of torture is back with us again. A look back at the dark days of de Gaulle's struggle to hold onto Algeria reveals consequences that echo loudly in our newest fight to retain what it means to be civilized.


No, NATO Shouldn't Let Georgia In

Should Washington extend a military guarantee that might require going to war against a nuclear-armed power over issues of minimal interest to America?

For Conservatives, Snowden Is Hero and Horror

The right's split on the leaker parallels its reaction to McCarthyism decades earlier.

Rational and Reckless Alliances

It makes sense for Europe to lean on America for protection. East Asia is a different story.


Gary Schmitt Tries to Reinvent the Wheel

As long as the United States guarantees their security, Europeans are going to keep their defense budgets low.

Victor’s Justice, American Style

The United States acted generously and inclusively after the Cold War ended. Didn't we?

Books & Reviews

America Under the Caesars

Anti-interventionists allege our leaders traded a strong, austere republic for a weak and sprawling empire predicated on a military might that could not match our own ambitions. This narrative negates real threats and real victories.

Remember Prussia?

The improbable ascent, sudden collapse and subsequent re-imagination of Prussia.

Big Ideas, Big Problems

Policy decisions suffer when the rational center remains silent and catchphrases take over the debate.

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April 19, 2014