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Arab–Israeli conflict

Grasping the Nettle

As strange as it may seem, now is the best time to push for peace in the Middle East.

Israel and Arab Democracy

George W. Bush believes that democracy in the Arab world is the key to security. All in due time, says Ariel Sharon.

The Asymmetry of Pity

Oslo failed because the Palestinian side has taken no responsibility for having helped cause the conflict, and has seen itself above any need to make concessions in order to end it.

Mayday for Oslo

The approaching deadline for final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians threatens the Oslo process. But an arbitrary piece of scheduling should not be allowed to dictate events.

A New Axis: The Emerging Turkish-Israeli Entente

The Turkish-Israeli partnership offers many advantages to the United States. Most ambitiously, it could provide the nucleus of an American-oriented regional partnership made up of democratic allies--as opposed to the authoritarian rulers.

You Broker It, You Buy It

As American officials slowly come to terms with the impossibilities of implementing Dayton, it is clear--or it ought to be--that one lunge at a futile diplomatic endism is already one too many.


The Arabs Will Have Their Gettysburgs

A more hands-off Middle East policy—like Great Britain's approach to the Confederacy—is worth weighing.

Israel Conflicted on Assad

Apparently contradictory statements on Syria have emerged, shedding light on the dilemma Israel faces on its northeastern border.

Move Fast on Jerusalem

The hardest issue in the peace process needs to be resolved before settlements make it unresolvable. 


Hamas Presents an Opportunity

If Israel and the U.S. are truly interested in Israeli-Palestinian peace, they must seize this moment.

An Imposed Israeli-Palestinian Solution

Finding a way to get off the hamster wheel otherwise known as the Mideast peace process.

Four Myths About the Refutation of Myths

Sometimes a "refute-the-myths" approach is just a cover to evade the real problem. Take Aaron Miller's recent offering on the Arab-Israeli conflict, for example.

Books & Reviews


Morris turns to the origins of the one-state and two-state conceptions. It helps explain how the Israelis and Palestinians got themselves into this intractable conflict in the first place.

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April 24, 2014