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Bashar al-Assad

America's Default Foreign Policy

Humanitarian interventions have become the reflex position in Washington. But the American public is more nationalistic and more skeptical of foreign do-goodery. Could a reckoning be at hand?

Lessons of the Syrian Reactor

The intelligence failures of Iraq seriously constrained policy makers in other areas.

Jigsaw Jihadism

Ethnic terrorist groups like Hamas can be engaged but there is no negotiating with religious terrorists. A strategy for splitting up the Al-Qaeda network.

Al-Qaeda's Media Strategies

Jihad is as virtual as it is real.

Jihad, Unintended

To err is human. Not to learn from one's mistakes--and to jeopardize the nation's security in the process--is unforgivable.

Finding the Lost Peace

Arafat's death opened a real window for peace--but it won't stay open for long.


Syria's Real Threat: Biological Weapons

The chemical weapons aren't the most dangerous tool Bashar al-Assad has.

America's Middle East Policy Collapses

Accepting the Russian deal is a major blow.

Israel, Syria and American Moral Hazard

Why do Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others clamor for an intervention they could carry out themselves?


Who's Rejecting Syrian-Israeli Peace?

Netanyahu is the obstructionist now. Regime change in Damascus is not a cure-all.

Books & Reviews

A War, or Un-War?

Experts Peña and Pham square off on Iraq.

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April 16, 2014