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Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's Fraying Image

There are growing signs of a divergence in American-Israeli relations and interests. 

The Ambiguous Way Forward

Sharon got out of Gaza. Now what?

The Wild East

Sinking into poverty amid its natural riches, Vladivostok is almost totally controlled by organized crime.

Tradition Abandoned: America's Military in a New Era

American civil-military relations will remain vexed for some time.

A Pessimist of Promise

If the trenches of the First World War were not enough to cast doubt upon the idea of progress' prospects, certainly Auschwitz and Hiroshima more than sufficed. The holdouts thereafter--those liberals and Marxists still upholding the Enlightenment

After Hebron

In the wake of the Hebron agreement, the imperative for Israel (and the United States) has been to formulate a coherent strategy for the next phase.


Is There a New Netanyahu?

From Rabin to Livni, Israeli hawks have a history of mellowing with age. Some think Bibi has, too.

Erdogan's Obama Agenda

Turkey's neighbors and Turkey's trade will get top billing in today's meeting.

Move Fast on Jerusalem

The hardest issue in the peace process needs to be resolved before settlements make it unresolvable. 


Peter Beinart Says America Should Boycott the West Bank

Beinart's op-ed reflects mounting U.S. concern with Netanyahu's policies and sheds light on a topic the Israeli PM would prefer to keep in the dark.

Israeli Opinion and War With Iran

A recent poll reveals the surprising feelings of Israelis about possibly attacking Iran. Obama—and Netanyahu—should take heed.

The Shambles of Obama's Middle East Policy: Dennis Ross Departs

The Mideast is boiling. Neocons are gripped by war fever. Obama's administration is floundering. Ross may have gotten out just in time.

Books & Reviews

Pericles and 'Big Bill' Thomson

James Ceaser's Reconstructing America locates the "real America" in the ideas and values of the Founders. But a purely political conception of America is inadequate.

Bernadotte and Shamir

Marton's qualifications to write a book about the Middle East are slightly higher than Bernadotte's were to make peace there, but in the end it comes to the same: two boy scouts setting up pup-tents in minefields.

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April 21, 2014