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The Man Who Stood Up To Stalin

Jay Lovestone, America's leading cold warrior, was self-effacing and effective.

How the West Was Spun

Christopher Coker's Twilight of the West looks at present geopolitical trends and predicts the West's dissolution; David Gress, in From Plato to Nato, sees them as yet another episode in the long struggle between the mainstream W

Acheson, Simply Put

Chace's Acheson is encompassing, graceful and prodigiously researched and annotated.

A Hedgehog After All

When Isaiah Berlin died last November, there was a cascade of adulatory essays and obituaries, all of them well deserved. Yet there is a sense in which the wrong Berlin was being celebrated; or if not exactly the wrong Berlin then only a half of h

Being Blunt

The book is a novel, one of several by Mr. Banville, and yet as Knopf's classification suggests (and as it seems, in keeping with the literary rage these days), it is not to be taken as a novel only.

Trading on Ideas, Review of Douglas A. Irwin's Against the Tide: An Intellectual History of Free Trade

Irwin has attempted to write an intellectual history of free trade. The book divides into accounts of the origins of the doctrine and the controversies it has aroused--fifteen sections in all, examining in detail the ideas of leading theorists fro

A Book for the Times, Review of Norman Davies' Europe: A History

Davies has written a work worthy of the remarkable continent with which he deals; a continent that is now struggling to redefine and reunify itself, and whose cultures have been released once again to meet and mingle.

Another Country, Review of David Horowitz's Radical Son: A Journey Through Our Times

While both Rosenblatt and Horowitz have had second thoughts about the 1960s, their assessments of this fateful decade are strikingly different.

Right the First Time

Michael Mandelbaum, The Dawn of Peace in Europe (New York: Twentieth Century Fund Press, 1996)"We must fulfill the promise of our time: an undivided Europe of free nations.

The Company Man

Richard Bissell, Jr.

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