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EuroIslam: The Jihad Within?

Islam in Europe is being transformed from diaspora to "universal" forms. The latter portend a rise of radicalism and terrorism within the EU.

The Transformation of National Security

The Bush Administration's National Security Strategy is based on five critical redefinitions of international politics--and not a moment too soon.

Normative Shift

Social values change, and international norms change with them. A look at global issues and crises through the lens of "normative shift".

Harbinger or Aberration?: A 9/11 Provocation

The attacks on Washington and New York were the first of their kind; they may also be the last. A case against rushing to conclusions.

Quarterly: Moscow Nights, Eurasian Dreams

While America deploys in Eurasia to fight an abstract proper noun, Moscow seeks to reconstitute its influence on the ground.

All That NATO Can Be: To Prague and Beyond

An unflinching look at the realities of Mitteleuropa, before NATO's second-round expansion summit in November.

Bases of Debate: America in Central Asia: Steppes to Empire

America's post-9/11 tryst with the authoritarian regimes of Central Asia should not be transformed into a longer-term "marriage of convenience." It would end badly.

Cruise Control: A Case for Missile Defense

There are 75,000 cruise missiles in the world, and the chance that some could fall into nefarious hands isn't nearly small enough.

Altitude Sickness

Potted phrases like "ethnic tensions" and "age-old religious differences" bear little relevance to the true causes of mountain conflicts.

Another Year of Living Dangerously?

Indonesia's crisis could cause the strategic upending of Southeast Asia. American policymakers may need to act quickly and wisely to prevent a security nightmare.

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April 16, 2014