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Serious About Sanctions

Self-inflicted wounds.

Faking It and Making It

 There is no substitute for non-proliferation strategies with clear, country-specific objectives.

Tin Cup Diplomacy

We are again in the early stages of a new international system, but without a unifying challenge to raise foreign affairs resources much above 1 percent of the federal budget.

You Broker It, You Buy It

As American officials slowly come to terms with the impossibilities of implementing Dayton, it is clear--or it ought to be--that one lunge at a futile diplomatic endism is already one too many.

Blacks in the Military: The Equal Opportunity Imperative

The United States armed services--army, navy, marines, air force--are together the most racially integrated mass organization in the world.

Clausewitz Out, Computer In: Military Culture and Technological Hubris

The U.S. military ignores the teaching of Clausewitz at its own peril.

Is Asia's High Growth Era Over?

Since the mid-1980s, Western academics and policymakers have regardedthe "tiger" economies of East Asia as an interesting intellectuallaboratory for debating theories about the causes of economic growth.

Bridging Centuries: Fin de Siecle All Over Again

While one might wish that the voters would show more interest in such foreign policy issues as Bosnia, Iraq, or Korea, and object to the tendency to reduce all foreign policy to trade policy, it has to be conceded that there is a certain short-ran

Africa's Murderous Professors

In his much-praised History of the Jews, Paul Johnson reminds us that through the ages European "anti-Semitism was fueled not just by vulgar rumor but by the deliberate propaganda of intellectuals."

Morality and High Technology

Ours is an age in which any untoward development becomes a crisis, the slightest departure from the ordinary is immediately tagged as historic, and the mere glimmer of novelty is heralded as revolutionary.

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April 20, 2014