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Asia's Looming Power Shift

The choices of China, India and Japan will define Asia's future. Their lack of unity and diversity of weaknesses will leave big problems unaddressed.

U.S., China and Thucydides

How can Washington and Beijing avoid typical patterns of distrust and fear?

Beware Collusion of China, Russia

U.S. policies have created a risk of pushing two great powers together.

Pitfalls of an Aging China

Rising social costs, shrinking labor pools, nonperforming loans, a distorted economy and more—an in-depth look at the huge challenge facing Beijing.

China's Nationalist Heritage

Chinese leaders have reverted to a pre-Communist ideology of national rejuvenation. This could complicate foreign affairs.


Countering China’s A2/AD Challenge

While the United States focuses on Syria, American military planners are considering how to counter China's increasing capabilities.

South China Sea Festers

While the world watches Syria, tension builds.

The Sources of the Sino-American Spiral

Almost all of China's foreign-policy options would lead to more conflict with America—and vice versa.

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Tracing China's Long Game Plan

Many Western observers think China is due to liberalize as it rises. Yet Chinese reformers have long favored Western ideas merely as a means to a different end: wealth and power.

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April 19, 2014