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Oil Dependence As Virtue

In short, a world that doesn't need oil may also be a world that doesn't need the United States.

Running on Empty

We may well need to be worried, we're running out of gas while choosing the next president to sit in the driver's seat.

A Pipeline Runs Through It

With Russia in the driver’s seat on energy issues, Europe should worry about running on empty. For more on the Russian elections, the internal state of the country and Vladimir Putin's nomination of a successor, check out our

Ahead of the Curve: The New Axis of Oil

On his landmark visit to Saudi Arabia, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the two countries partners, not rivals. Last year, Flynt Leverett and Pierre Noel discussed Russian energy strategy.

The Future of Russian Energy

Russia risks squandering its oil resources.

One Hundred Years of Ambiguity

Cuban independence was granted by the United States rather than earned by the Cubans. A century later, neither side has figured out exactly what Cuban nationalism means.


Russia Tries to Turn Ukraine East

As Ukraine closes in on an association agreement with the EU, Moscow has led what Ukrainian officials are calling a trade war.

Putin Drops In, America Drops Out

Russia is getting closer to Azerbaijan, and the United States is doing nothing.

The Cyprus-Crisis Culture Clash

The bank fight was influenced by European-Cypriot-Russian worldviews as much as by money.

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April 20, 2014