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Plan Z for Iraq

A community-based security approach for the land of the two rivers.

Why Anglos Lead

It's no accident of history that Anglo societies dominate the world order.

The Freedom Crusade, Revisited

Leslie H. Gelb, Daniel Pipes, Robert W. Merry and Joseph S. Nye offer their reactions to Robert W. Tucker and David Hendrickson on the Bush Doctrine.

Therapy's End

NATO died with the Soviet Union. Get over it.

Selling America--Short

America's public diplomacy stinks. It's time to learn some lessons from the Cold War.

Scoring the Iraq Aftermath

How to measure real progress--or lack thereof--in Iraq.


Time to Talk to Syria?

The New York Times reports today that the Bush Administration is deeply divided over the recent Israeli air strikes again

Report and Retort: The Real Democracy Myth

In his article, "The Democracy Crusade Myth," Thomas Carothers underestimates the importance of democracy promotion in the Bush Doctrine.

George Bush, the Accidental Realist

By creating a Shi‘a Iraq, Bush has superseded the Arab-Israeli balance of power with the Sunni-Shi‘a balance of power, to America’s ultimate advantage.

Books & Reviews

First Bank of the Living Dead

As the Great Recession gnaws at our very belief in the ability of capitalism to raise us to ever-escalating levels of wealth and prosperity, Keynes's no-longer-viable financial prescriptions are being resurrected.

Eating Vichyssoise in Athens

Beyond the latest rows, institutional paralysis and financial incompetence, the scars of war have plainly not all been healed. Is there a deeper collapse of European self-confidence?

A God For All Seasons

Scholars of international relations have only recently begun to appreciate the power of religion. Their next step is to get religion right. No longer mysterious and magical, modernity has demystified the Higher Power.

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April 20, 2014