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The New Yorker Casts Its Ballot

One of America's top magazines often appeared smug as it covered 2012 elections.

Conservative Nation

Declarations of conservatism's demise after the 2008 election were greatly exaggerated. As the opposition, American conservatives are in their element—can they draw upon their intellectual tradition to solve what ails America?

Foreign Policy Goes Glam

Stars shilling for political causes are everywhere these days. But are they actually making a difference? This weekend's New York Times Magazine also tackled the topic. Drezner offered his 

Priorities, Not Delusions

Opportunistic policies advocated on both sides of the political aisle won’t address the real challenges that threaten the well-being of the United States.

Ahead of the Curve: Roadmap Revival?

The way forward is to concentrate on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, because the many problems of the region are so interlinked, can create, in turn, momentum for dealing with the other regional disputes that feed it.

Grasping the Nettle

As strange as it may seem, now is the best time to push for peace in the Middle East.


Clapper's Bodyguard of Lies

Clumsy Congressional questioning squeezed the Director of National Intelligence into a dangerous corner.

Huma and Anthony: Washington Horror Couple

The sex scandals aren't the most scandalous thing about Weiner and Abedin.

Washington and Beijing Ignore Troubles

Vapid joint communiques mask a troubled pairing.


Anne-Marie Slaughter Conquers Uncertainty

Did Syria use chemical weapons in December? State Department officials aren't sure. But Anne-Marie Slaughter is.

Anti-Government Ideology Riding High

Government = Bad. Private sector = good. Exactly the sort of thinking that spawned the Great Recession continues to dominate.

The Forgotten History of the U.S. and Bin Ladin

Osama bin Laden could have been captured in 1998. Blame the American public for the twenty-one year delay.

Books & Reviews

A House that Murdoch Bought

The business of newspapers isn't as interesting as journalists think. Not only that, few can write properly, few report thoroughly, and many are frustrated at being chroniclers rather than the persons being covered.

FDR's Children

The Democratic rebirth of the virtue of FDR's realism.

Stifling the Debate?

Perhaps the most important argument made by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their new book concerns the impact of the lobby on the political discourse in the United States.

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April 18, 2014