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The Three Rs: Rivalry, Russia, 'Ran

If we want to calm Iran's nuclear ambitions, we're going to need to brush up on our diplomatic basics.

Israel in NATO?

Such a proposal brings as many complications as it does benefits.

Escape From New York

Over-regulation chases capital overseas—with negative repercussions for the U.S. economy.

The Blogs of War

Governments used to do war and diplomacy, media used to report them. But in the Iraq War, freelance writers with laptops critiqued, corrected and cowed them both.

An Inky Wretch

The world's first political journalist, Marchamont Nedham, was deeply partisan, but also pragmatic, principled and competent. A rare combination indeed.

Britain and the Intellectuals

A sentiment seems to have prevailed among the scribbling classes that Britain is in a general state of decline--intellectually, socially, morally. It's just not so.


The American Public's Foreign-Policy Reawakening

The Syria crisis may mark the end of a decade of consequence-free elite mismanagement.

America's Africa Opportunity

The continent's consumers could provide the U.S. private sector with strong demand.

Washington and Beijing Ignore Troubles

Vapid joint communiques mask a troubled pairing.


Thoughts on Tourism, Terrorism, and the American Economy

Ten years after 9/11, terrorists are still racking up victories against the American psyche. It's time to reevaluate the national-security trade-offs.

The Wall Street Journal Attacks Mitt Romney

The war against Romney has begun. His greatest hurdle may not be battling the Democratic party but the conservative base in the GOP itself.

Who's Rejecting Syrian-Israeli Peace?

Netanyahu is the obstructionist now. Regime change in Damascus is not a cure-all.

Books & Reviews

A House that Murdoch Bought

The business of newspapers isn't as interesting as journalists think. Not only that, few can write properly, few report thoroughly, and many are frustrated at being chroniclers rather than the persons being covered.

The Age of Woman

Can women keep us safe? For all the talk of a rise of women to positions of power, there is still a dearth of the female perspective in national security. With the unprecedented appointment of three women to some of the highest posts in the new ad

Homo Neoconus

Everyone knows about Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. But what about their intellectual godfather? A look at the original democracy-promoting liberal defense hawk, JFK and LBJ advisor Walt Rostow.

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April 19, 2014