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Cultural anthropology

Did Western Civilization Survive the 20th Century?

Taking the long view, and finding reassurance, at the end of the millenium.

Two Cheers for 'Asian Values'

First used to explain the East Asian economic miracle, then blamed for the region's economic collapse, Asia's famous values are subjected to a cool appraisal.

Four Faces of Global Culture

If one is to heed Huntington's call for a dialogue between cultures, one must pay as much attention to the manner in which the different processes of cultural globalization relate to each other as to their relation with many indigenous cultures.

Books & Reviews

Strategic Horizons

Despite predictions to the contrary, America's superpower status remains uncontested.

Facing Down Iran

Everyone agrees that Iran is a threat. What makes Ilan Berman stand out?

Preventing the Unthinkable

Graham Allison paints a frightful picture of nuclear terrorism. But all is not yet lost.

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April 19, 2014