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Ennui Becomes Us

Chaos and randomness abound. The increasing disorder of our world will lead to a sort of global ennui mixed with a disturbingly large dose of individual extremism and dogmatic posturing by states.

Voting Blind

John McCain and Barack Obama are busily offering foreign-policy platitudes on the campaign trail, mostly about spreading freedom, working with allies and hunting down terrorists. But what exactly would they do if elected? Digging ourselves out of

Conflicts Without Borders

How to contain the virus of ethnic conflict.

Staying Alive

Is a state by any other name still a state? Nations’ risky operations to maintain de facto status.

A Realist Symposium: Partisans Reviewed

Responding to Dimitri K. Simes’s assertion that we aren’t having a real debate over foreign policy, Derek Chollet argues the Democrats are providing genuine alternatives; Grover G. Norquist looks at the structural reasons inhibiting both parties f

Appetite for Construction

Nation-building always looks so easy on paper. Time to let reality be a harsh teacher.


Russia's Challenge in Dagestan

The northern Caucasus republic is of great strategic importance to Moscow, especially with the Sochi Olympics looming.

Globalist TV

Christiane Amanpour debuted on “This Week” yesterday. Is she headed for her first big failure?

Calamity over Kosovo?

At a Council on Foreign Relations event on Friday, Daniel Serwer, Charles Kupchan, Janusz Bugajski and Dimitri Simes discussed the ongoing international standoff over Kosovo. Should Washington support independence?

Books & Reviews

Davos Man Meets Homo Balcanicus

Sumantra Bose, Bosnia After Dayton: Nationalist Partition and International Intervention (New York: Oxford University Press, 2002), 352 pp.

Arabian Nightmares

Bernard Lewis dissects the travails of the Muslim world and finds that the problem is not what Islam has done to Muslims, but what Muslims have done to Islam.

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April 17, 2014