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Democratic peace theory

Learning to Appreciate France

The United States can’t bring the democratic nations of the world together—why should we expect it to lead the way for everyone else?

Lines in the Sand

A nation-state’s borders are not sacrosanct. Failed states should be fragmented into more governable parts.

Prone to Violence

Democracy comes to bring not peace but the sword.

On Liberty

If you want democracy for a week, invade. If you want it for a decade, occupy. If you want it for a lifetime, take up gardening.

Advancing Democracy

Despots have long formed coalitions on the international stage. Democracies are finally responding.

Retreating in Good Order

The United States should begin a strategic withdrawal from Iraq now because it was never in the interest of the United States to invade that country in the first place.


Chinese Democracy Is No Goal

China's Potemkin democracy may be better for the world than the real thing.

Report and Retort: Carothers Responds to Smith

Carothers responds to Smith's claim that he underestimated the role of democracy promotion in Bush Foreign Policy.

Report and Retort: The Real Democracy Myth

In his article, "The Democracy Crusade Myth," Thomas Carothers underestimates the importance of democracy promotion in the Bush Doctrine.

Books & Reviews

État Terrible

We see ourselves as an insular nation, but other countries know otherwise—and are attempting to undermine U.S. global hegemony.

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April 17, 2014