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Dmitry Medvedev

The Kremlin Begs To Differ

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. The population, however, is satisfied with the status quo...for now.

The Road to Moscow

Since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy toward Russia has been dismissive of Russian interests. Acknowledging that a country has separate aims does not mean we cannot work toward common goals.

Putin's Third Way

With the rise in oil prices and a conservative fiscal policy, Russia turned from a debtor nation into an economic powerhouse, creating a compromise between the excesses of the free market and the inefficiencies of a command economy

Arrested Development

If developed countries fail to effectively enforce the oecd Anti-Bribery Convention, all anti-corruption efforts in the developing world will suffer.

Notes from the Balkans

The United States should not balk at getting more deeply involved in the volatile Balkans: a well-crafted foreign policy could yield real results.

Israel in NATO?

Such a proposal brings as many complications as it does benefits.


Why Putin Resists

A narrative of frustration and disillusionment helps explain his actions on Snowden and Syria.

Putin's Unsteady Year

It's been exactly one year since his return to the presidency, and he's finding it harder the third time around.

Moscow's Cyprus Defeat

The European bailout plan hurt Russian accounts and Russian influence.


Yuri Luzhkov Gets Stung By Medvedev

The firing of Moscow's mayor is reminiscent of past Russian housecleaning.

Books & Reviews

Missiles Over Tskhinvali

Last summer, Russia and Georgia came to blows. Tbilisi’s pro-American president believed NATO would protect him in a fight with the big, bad bear.

Revolutionary Nepotism

Why "keeping it in the family" remains popular under dictatorships--and democracies.

European Hamiltonians

François Duchêne, Jean Monnet: The First Statesman of Interdependence (New York: W.

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April 24, 2014