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Doha Development Round

Don't Cut the Cheese

No more Brie, no more Stilton, no more Gorgonzola. Just what have Washington and Brussels got against cheese? Don't you know there's a war on?

Retreat from Globalization

Bush appeases the anti-globalizers; the Democrats embrace them; the economy bubbles along; and the clouds gather.

The Dating Game

American is playing matchmaker to Turkey and the EU. It had better work. A broken engagement could mean a clash of civilizations.

Does the United States Have a European Policy?

Is the United States becoming more skeptical of the EU, or just more confused?

The Sick Man of Asia

Russia's reversal of fortunes in its resource-rich Far East will complicate the Asian equation for the United States.

Agri-vation: The Farm Bill from Hell

The 2002 Farm Bill is a four-fold disaster, replete with domestic and foreign policy costs. An experienced farm hand shows how.


Cold Water for Hot Trade Deals

The TPP and TTIP trade arrangements still have their toughest work ahead of them.

The Strange Politics of U.S.-EU Free Trade

Normally special-interest groups harmed by competition can fight free trade. Where did they go?

The Trouble with TAFTA

A transatlantic trade accord is no substitute for a coordinated response to global security challenges.

Books & Reviews

A Champion for the Bourgeoisie

A fictional 19th-century detective disdains Russia's intelligentsia and preaches a bourgeois sermon on virtue and responsible citizenship to Russia's nascent middle class.

Imperialism: the Highest Stage of American Capitalism?

Andrew Bacevich's American Empire is really two books in one: one quite good, the other quite inexplicable.

Meaning Well

Maximilian II managed to be both ahead of his time and behind it simultaneously. His life warns us against allowing ourselves to fall into a similar predicament.

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April 20, 2014